Ben Phipps Bio

Ben Phipps is hard at work expanding his creative universe to produce, as he calls it, “better everything,” from his adopted NYC home. With a combination of business acumen and musical hunger, Ben is quickly carving out a name for himself – his hit single 'I Don't Think So' garnering over 22 million streams on Spotify alone.

Originally an entrepreneur by trade, Ben built a successful, multi-business career for himself in his native Sweden before selling up and shipping out to NYC to pursue his passion for music. A few years – and more than a few trashed productions – later, Ben released his first original song, ‘Fireproof’. In true business-minded Phipps-fashion, he handcrafted burnt letters to send out with the song to everybody he could think of, scoring himself airplay on Sweden’s biggest radio station – and it’s been a steep curve upward from there. After ‘Fireproof’ kicked it off, he's had more and more success, last culminating in ‘I Don’t Think So’. But don’t let the music fool you; he’s as much of a businessman as he is a musician, as evidenced by his success to date without the input of any major labels. In fact, he recently turned down more than one 6-figure major label record deal, and releases his music through his own label: 14 & 9 Records (with support from Kobalt Label Services and AWAL).

By focusing on lyrics of substance and quality and blending them with his trademark productions (think bouncing bass lines but at around 110bpm mixed with smooth melodic vocals and a marimba here and there), Ben has created his own sound and the world is starting to take notice; he is currently signed with industry powerhouse CAA. At the time of writing Ben has over 30 million streams on Spotify and has charted on iTunes in more than 30 countries. He has also had TV placements on primetime giant Pretty Little Liars, as well as on MTV and various commercials.

Last fall Ben embarked on a North American tour, notably playing New York, LA (with Autograf), Washington DC and somewhere in the Pacific Ocean between San Diego and Cabo aboard Groove Cruise. Although he writes, “maybe when we’re older, we’ll get our shit together”, it sure seems like he already has his. Straddling genres from indie dance to pop and deep house, with national US airplay on SiriusXM and the likes of Kygo, Bakermat and Kungs playing his music, we’re just waiting to see, hear and feel what’s coming next.