Massive Vibes Remixes Ben Phipps’ New Single ‘Mrs Mr’

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Born in Sweden, but currently living and making music in NYC, Ben Phipps is hard at work expanding his creative universe to produce, as he calls it, “better everything”. Ben has created his own sound by focusing on lyrics of substance and quality and blending them with his trademark productions – and the world is starting to take notice. He currently has more than forty million streams across his catalogue, has charted on iTunes in more than 30 countries, achieved national US airplay on SiriusXM and synch placements in television and film, and is signed with industry powerhouse CAA. Ben’s music straddles genres from indie dance to pop and deep house, and he’s not afraid of trying new things… like finding people to collaborate with via a worldwide remix contest with SKIO Music.

His latest release – ‘Mrs Mr’ – is a whimsical collaboration with LA-based singer-songwriter Lizzy Land. Ben and his team decided to run a remix contest with it and one remix in particular was an early stand out, so much so that it was picked up for release before the contest was even over. It’s a smooth, jazzy, future bass banger by Massive Vibes – a Hungarian music production duo consisting of self-taught producers Adam and Daniel. These guys are quickly cutting out some serious space for themselves in the music industry, achieving five million streams and a record deal earlier this year with their breakthrough hit ‘Burn The Stars’. Massive Vibes’ MO is to create timeless records that combine emotion with dynamics by using a range of live instruments in their productions. Ben says of discovering the Massive Vibes remix, “I was going about my day, casually listening to the music in my inbox and not expecting much, when I heard the Massive Vibes remix. It had me dancing on my chair in no time; they blew me away.”

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